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Hi, I'm Caroline

"At 50, I am physically and mentally stronger than

I’ve ever been. I want to coach and empower women

to believe that anything is possible for them too.

You can love yourself fiercely, love what you're eating 

and release weight for good, no matter how old you are."

I haven't always felt this way....

As a teenager and young woman I struggled with self confidence,

especially around my body image and feeling I was different.

I've been there...

I spent so many years focused on what was WRONG WITH ME.

For most of my life, I thought my body was ugly.

Eating and drinking were how I escaped and felt better.

I was super self-critical, anxious and worried alot.

I was a perfectionist, yet nothing seemed good enough and

my relationship with food was unhealthy.

Then kids took over my life.

And everyone else's needs seemed more important.

40 was the turning point.

I felt terrible, my IBS was chronic, I was drinking more and eating poorly.

I felt out of control...

How could I show up and teach the kids love and respect if I didn’t love

and respect myself?

I knew something had to change...

Then I found the only solution that worked...

Self bullying was no longer an option. 

I learned to love my body, and my relationship with food changed.

I started exercising because I loved it, rather than using it against myself.

I stopped the negative rinse and repeat cycle.

At 50 I re-claimed the life I had always wanted. 

I'm no different to you, if I can do, this you can too.

I'm on a mission to help as many women and mums as I can.

I offer you a free session to get you started now.

I am committed to empowering women to re-set the relationship with their body and mind.
I teach women how to love themselves fiercely, release weight and create a life they never thought possible.

Where I am Now...

I'm so much happier in my own skin.

I've stopped repeating old patterns.

I have a healthy relationship with food and I'm so grateful for my body.

And when things go wrong...I don't punish myself.

Instead, I dig in and love harder because I know that's the only way through. 

I am motivated to take daily action to maintain a strong body and mind.

I have so much more freedom in my life to create an amazing life.

I developed my signature program so you can create your dream life too.


The LightenUp Program.



A 12 week one-on-one brain based coaching program.

A totally different approach to weight loss that the diet industry doesn't offer.

We discover the real reason you're not releasing the weight in one RTT session..contrary to popular opinion, it's not what you're putting in your mouth or what exercise you're doing.


I teach you everything you'll need to know about habits, food and setting your life up for success forever.


Don't waste any more time and mental energy. This is transformational.

Schedule your free session and I'll give you some tips to get you started.

"My passion is to help you release the excess weight you're holding on to
(with loads of self love on board), so you can take back control of your life and
start living the life of your dreams.

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