Hi, I'm Caroline

 "At 50, I am physically and mentally stonger than I’ve ever been. I want to coach and empower women to believe that anything is possible."

I haven't always felt this way....

As a teenager and young woman I struggled with self confidence, especially around my body image.

I've been there

I spent so many years focused on what was WRONG WITH ME.

For most of my life, I had a very negative view of my appearance.

Eating and drinking were my main source of comfort and escape.

I was in a pattern of self-criticism and negative beliefs.

My relationship with food was unhealthy.

As a mother of 4 

I spent many years putting my husband and kids needs first.


 40 was the turning point.

I was anxious, drinking more and eating poorly.

I felt terrible.

 I knew I had to make my health a priority.

How could I show up and teach the kids love and respect if I didn’t love and respect myself?

I found the solution, and how to change.

Self bullying was no longer an option. 

I learned to love my body,

and the food I was feeding it.

Exercising for my body and mind rather than a tool against myself.

No longer living in the negative rinse and repeat cycle.

At 50 I re-claimed the life I had always wanted. 

And if I can do, this you can too.

I want to teach you how.

I offer you a free session to get you started now.

I am committed to empowering mums to re-set their relationship with their body and food, love themselves fiercely and create a life they may never have thought possible.

Where I am now....

I have applied everything I’ve learned.

 I exercise to stay strong in my body and mind.

I use my coaching tools to look after myself.

I now live a life where eating and drinking no longer control me.

I love my body and food for what it does for me. 


There is so much more freedom in my life

I am creating the life that I dreamed of.

 I have developed 

The Light'en'Up Program.

A 12 week one-on-one coaching program to teach you everything I know.

Please schedule your free session and I can show you how to reach your goal.

"My passion is to help mums become empowered to take control of their lives, create the life they truly want, and ultimately love and respect themselves"