Stop listening to others, you have the power to heal yourself.

Tune into your body to heal IBS

There's this crazy idea of the "perfect body" and "perfect health" that's constantly bombarding us on social media.🧠🌿

Everywhere you turn, there's this unattainable bar of optimum life and health. Dictating what to eat, what pills to take, what exercises to do and how you should look if you want to be happy.

And it's all BS.

It's just a highlight reel, a curated version of reality that can mess with your head and your body and ultimately your health.

You see, stress plays a sneaky role in all of this, especially for those of us dealing with IBS, because stress and tension play with your digestion.

When you beat yourself up and strive for those unrealistic standards of what your life and body should look and feel like, it only adds more fuel to the fire, exacerbating your IBS.

It's incredible how your gut and brain are connected- they influence each other in ways we often overlook.

But here's the truth: real happiness doesn't lie in some perfect body or health destination. It's something you create from within.

Instead of searching for how to look or live out there, look inside- you've got your own incredible power to heal.

The key is to embrace your uniqueness, find out what works for YOU and what feels right in YOUR body and stop leaving it to others.

Easier said than done!
Here are 3 simple steps to get you going;

Step 1:
Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. A relentless inner critic can lead to chronic pain and close you down.

Step 2:
Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend. Imperfections are part of being human. You're amazing just as you are.

Step 3:
Unfollow those "perfect" people and follow those who are more 'real'. Those who inspire and look more like you. Create a supportive, uplifting space for you.

When you release self-judgement and lean into your beautiful, imperfect self, you'll tune into your body and that's when you truly start to heal 🌟