Is Perfectionism Causing you Pain?

Aug 29, 2023
Speak kinder to yourself to get IBS relief

Do you feel burnt out and depressed trying to manage all your symptoms perfectly, or just from all you have to get through in your day to day life?

You may be at the hands of perfectionism thinking- a very common female trait.

BUT it may be causing you more pain than you realise and making your IBS worse.

Being a perfectionist doesn't mean you're actually perfect, it means you believe you should be perfect! So you’re constantly striving for this flawless place where you finally become the perfect version of yourself.

While perfectionist thinking may seem good and admirable on the surface, it actually creates rigid thinking patterns- and an internal dialogue that's pretty harsh. Which is why perfectionist thinkers often feel stuck, anxious and never good enough. It's like using a whip on yourself and causes unnecessary pain.

Perfectionists often experience chronic stress, a loss of connection and an over activated nervous system.

You may not be aware, an over active nervous system is stuck in a fight/flight response where digestion is disrupted and can cause pain in your gut.

The critical, harsh words you’re saying to yourself in your head- which you think are an effective way to get ahead, are actually affecting your entire body and making your IBS so much worse.

If you were to say those exact words to a friend, how do you think they would feel??

Being hard on yourself to achieve is a complete myth .

What you think has worked before, is actually shutting you down and disconnecting you from yourself. In fact, it's doing you more harm than good.

Imagine how motivating and empowering it is to hear inspiring, kind and loving words. Like what your best friend would tell you to do.

Next time you notice you're giving yourself a hard time, try talking to yourself like you're your own best friend and see how that feels in your body instead.

You deserve to to be treated like this. You'll find so much more peace and often incredible wisdom and I guarantee, relief from your symptoms.