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'All or nothing' thinking doesn't work.

It’s Friday night and you’ve been good all week, but gee it would be nice to go easy tonight…

So you pour yourself a glass of wine and eat a bag of chips...but 3 wines later, the inner critic wakes up...

…you've stufffed it...

…you can’t do anything right…you can’t stop at one…

…you’ve got no control…you may as well give up now..

The all or nothing thinking, the I've blown it, dieting approach.

Which opens the floodgate to frenzied eating. Because, if you're not good, you're bad.

You'll never lose weight thinking this way.

As you’re either following it or you're not.

You're left powerless when you hand control to a diet.

Of course you broke out, no one likes to be dictated to all the time. You're trying to make weightloss easy by cutting yourself out of the picture. Giving a diet responsibility for how you eat isn't helpful, as it's about you. You need to take responsibility, step up and own it. Plan what you want to eat each day instead.

Get to know your body and what it needs and likes.

Include a Friday night treat if that’s what you decide.

Pre-planning replaces deprivation with nurturing and love.

Because you're choosing on purpose from what you truly desire.

And the 'blown it',' all or nothing' thinking won't have room to breathe.

The only way you'll lose weight forever is by having your own back.

Start owning what you really want, empower yourself this way.

Step back from the all or nothing thinking.

Your brain is just being dramatic. All you did was eat something you hadn't planned. Stop beating yourself's not required, love yourself instead.

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