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Are you an emotional eater?

Do you eat when you’re stressed, sad, lonely, restless, bored, happy? If you said yes, chances are you’re an emotional eater.

The only food you need to consume in your day is food the body needs to survive. Every other mouthful is an emotion you don’t want to feel,or want to feel more of.

Pay attention to what your brain’s telling you now when you think about this.

Write it down.We learn early that eating makes us feel good. The ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine is naturally released when we eat -our hard wire for survival. From a young age we are taught that happiness is the goal. Ever been asked; ‘What’s wrong with you?’, ’Is anything wrong?’ We start associating a negative feeling with something wrong. Of course when happiness is the goal and you don’t feel happy, this discomfort becomes unbearable. Food has become a quick fix. It’s everywhe. An easy solution and an accepted buffer. Relieving us of emotional pain instantly.Overeating is not only killing us,

it’s dimming the lights on our true desires. Filling us up so we don’t need to face what’s real. Many of my clients eat because they’re bored, restless or lonely. While you're eating you'll never understand why. Food simply cannot solve for this. Have you noticed these feelings come up again?

The only way to understand what’s going on underneath is to put a pause on emotional eating. Let what's been pushed down come to the surface. This is so much easier with a coach. Someone who can pull it all out and help make sense of it. We use coaches and teachers for everything else. Why not use one for the most important thing in your life-your physical and mental well being.

Book in for a free session and let's chat about what you wrote down above.

I'll show you why you haven't been able to lose weight and I'll give you the steps to lose it forever.


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