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Your Brain is Your Instruction Manual.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Did you know that your thoughts are the instruction manual for your brain?

They tell your brain what to find and create evidence for.

Like most manuals, they're made up of words and pictures.

They fuel everything you do, the operating system of your life.

Many instructions were given to you- you were told what to think and believe. Others were made up in your head by your observations along the way.

Most of you have never actually set eyes on your manual.

Whirring around in your subconscious, it rarely comes to light.

You've been thinking them so long, they've become your beliefs.

But while you keep operating under the same set of instructions, you keep experiencing your life on repeat.

This is so powerful to know if you’re not liking the results you're creating.

Especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

You've probably never been taught how to upgrade this default thinking.

Or understand that you even can.

But every result in your life can be traced back to the thoughts in your brain.

To get different results, you need to re-program what you believe.

Believing that shame, guilt, frustration are coming from what you eat or your weight, makes you powerless and out of control.

So you think the solution is outside of you too, and you're told a diet will make you feel better.

You don't realise that thoughts create your feelings, not the food or the number on the scales.

But when you're handing responsibility to the diet, you're avoiding the real cause.

So even if you lose weight, you’ll end up putting it back on again.

Because you keep believing and thinking the same things.

The truth is, no one else could possibly know what you should eat.

Your body is a living, breathing organism, it alone knows how to thrive.

The solution is within you, but you have to stop looking outside.

You have the ability to drop into your body, and listen to what's really going on.

And when you stop conditioned eating, the words and pictures will bubble up, and you'll clearly see the manual that's been driving you to overeat.

You’ll discover how much wisdom you have.

Your body has cues and nuances that let you know how and what to eat.

And your evolved brain has the ability to observe thoughts in your way.

Old beliefs can be brought down when you see them and question their truth.

Giving you the power to re-wire your brain.

That's when you can start painting intentional pictures and stories.

The stories of your future and the life that you want to create.

Where you'll have peace and freedom around food and your body.

You'll be connected and operating under a new set of instructions. There'll be no resistance as it's been written by you, for you, not against. If you're operating by default, come and work with me and finally take charge of your life.

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