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Are you dragging your past with you?

I’ve never lost weight before so how can I do it now?

I’ve always eaten breakfast, I can't give it up.

I’ve never lost 15 kilos, it’s impossible for me.

Dieting has never worked.

I’m not someone who's good at following through.

I’ve never been able to exercise every day.

Nothing has worked before.

Are you always looking to the this soundtrack familiar?

The brain's conditioned to scan for danger, and the safest place is where it’s been.

Brains love comfort, ease and safety and they also like to be right.

These sentences repeated over and over program your brain.

To start believing they are the truth and who you really are.

A belief system constructed on sentences of what's happened for you before.

When you look to the past, you’re escaping the present,

but worst of all, you’re not allowing yourself to create a different future.

You keep your life on repeat, confirming what you already believe!

To lose weight forever, you have to start pulling apart your old belief system.

Write all the sentences down on paper that are swimming in your head.

You'll see your thoughts with different eyes,

and what you’re creating in your life.

When you slow down your brain, you can drop judgement.

And just let your thoughts be there.

They're not you, they’re just words in your mind.

Words that you have the option to let go.

Releasing old sentences, creates space for new ones.

And you can decide on purpose what your future will be...

to lose weight up breakfast..

following through with everything you commit to...

...losing 15 kilos easily...exercising daily....

You get to chose whatever you want.

Your brain is a muscle.

You train it like you’re strengthening your muscles at the gym.

A little bit each day until it gets easy and then add a little bit more.

After a few months your muscles take shape.

Practice your new thoughts daily, until they too, feel familiar and easy.

Until this new neural pathway is defined and you'll create a whole new life.

Stop looking behind, turn your head the other way.

Re-claim the present, then start deciding on purpose where to go.

If you're dragging your past with you,

schedule a free session and I'll help you leave it behind.

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