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Are you fueling or escaping?

When we don’t want to feel anxious or stressed,

most of us use something to numb or distract ourselves.

Sometimes it's food, alcohol, Netflix or even work.

Doing these things can be pleasurable and fun,

but they often take us away from our lives.

They’re only doing their job and it's not a problem.

In fact it's very normal and most humans are doing the same thing.

It's when it's urgent, you may be using it to escape.

You’ll only understand the purpose of them when you understand how they feel.

The question you have to ask is, what is it costing you?

This helps you understand what doing it is creating.

Is your health suffering?

Are you heavier than you’d like to be?

Do you wake up feeling awful, are you disconnecting from friends?

Are your dreams on hold?

Are you not where you thought you’d like to be?

This thing you do to distract is called bufferring.

It steals you away from your life,

because it's using something external to change the way you are feeling.

But you don't have to continue doing it.

I know you've probably tried before- that was will power and only ever finite.

You just haven’t been shown the right tools.

It’s just a habit you’ve developed that you need to break.

To begin, you need to set yourself a plan that you will follow .

You’re buffering because you’re escaping a feeling.

So the next step is to learn how to process these feelings.

Instead of eating or drinking or using other distractions,

drop into your body and tap into what you are feeling.

Then describe how it shows up.

That’s all it is, it’s so simple and I can teach you how.

A small investment of time, effort and money will create a return you can’t even imagine.

You'll the ability to be present in the only life you’ll ever have.

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