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Are you rewarding yourself like a child?

Are you ‘good’ all day, then dinner comes and you end up eating double,

or find yourself eating dessert, even though it's not what you’d planned?

And afterwards you're so frustrated as it all happened so quick.

Because you’d started out the day so well.

Your problem is not the food you've overeaten, it’s the sentences in your head.

Unaware that you’re treating yourself like a child.

Rewarding yourself like you've learnt how to tie your shoes.

You’re forgetting, YOU made the plan, what you wanted to eat in the day.

Frustration makes you the victim, it blocks you from seeing what's going on.

And here you feel out of control.

Human brains love a treat, we are designed for reward

But what’s wrong with this thinking,

is it disconnects you from your purpose for being ‘good’.

When you’re out of alignment, losing weight is virtually impossible.

There’s a game of 'tug of war' going on in your head.

You will never lose weight for good, if you stay in the dark.

The words you’ve been telling yourself need to be seen,

as they are what motivate you to eat.

They come in so many versions- and may look something like this;

You’ve been good all day, you deserve a treat.

You used to eat breakfast, a little more for dinner won’t hurt.

You were amazing not eating the biscuits, you can have a little bit more.

Your primitive brain will pull out all stops in its quest for a treat.

It will show up feeling urgent in your body.

But when you understand this, you can pause and strategise your first step.

And remember it's what you desired, so hop back in the drivers seat. When these words appear in your brain, how are you going to respond?

Thanks brain, I know you think you want the food, but I’ve got it from here.

…I’m choosing not to eat as I want to lose weight forever.

…it’s not a reward, because it’s actually not what I want.

…a little bit more will in fact end up hurting me and my goal.

…hunger is a sensation, and it’s never a problem.

When you learn to override your brain with your truth, you take back your life.

You’ve been ‘good’ because your goal is freedom and peace around food.

You’re no longer the victim, you're in charge of what you want.

Gaining back your power, means you get to dictate your future. It won't feel urgent, and losing weight will be a matter of time.

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