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Believe, don't wish and you'll make it happen

When you wish you hadn’t eaten that chocolate cake,

hope that one day you’ll be able to lose the weight,

And that you’ll try harder tomorrow.

You are essentially giving yourself a crappy way out.

Just what your primitive brain is wating to hear.

Just a little crack, a green light for comfort and fun.

Ditching your true conscious brain, 

the one that’s in charge of your dreams and goals.

They sound useful, these words. Like you're doing something.

But it's all fluffy pretence. If you put it ‘out there’, you've lost all power.

You're giving responsibility to an external force you can't control.

Try, wish and hope will not get you what you want.

Plan, practice and believe- 3 better words.

They reclaim power, your future decided by you.

We all live with these two parts of our brains.

It's called being human- which makes life interesting and full.

We have the ability to make choices.

To override our primitive instincts to live the life we choose.

Words you think or say, so important when you have a goal.

When you plan what you’re going to eat.

Practice allowing your emotions,

Practice eating what you say you will.

Plan what you do next time when you slip up.

When you believe above all-

that you are going to lose this weight no matter what.

that your future self is worth it,

that when things get tough, you will keep practicing until

you believe it so much that it becomes your reality.

Watch how the weight drops off.

Start believing and book in for your free session.

Don’t hope for the best.

Caroline xx

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