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Courage to be Wrong

I just proved I can do something I thought impossible.

An entire weekend with no alcohol.

This may seem insignificant but my goal last year was to quit drinking for good,

and the weekends were my Achilles heel.

It wasn't easy. I had so many beliefs I thought were facts:

'Life won’t be as much fun',

'I won’t want to go out anymore','

I will feel left out when everyone else is drinking',

'Life will be boring', 'I will be boring',

'There’ll be nothing to look forward to',

'I’ll never be able to not want a drink'!!

I have proven I was wrong, every single one of these beliefs a lie.

I am so grateful I was willing to do this. I didn't even think about drinking.

This was astounding to me, I felt zero desire.

Being willing to call myself a liar was not easy.

The brain likes to be right. It takes courage to call yourself out.

It's so easy to keep telling the same stories, you don't have to change.

I'm telling you this because losing weight is the same skill set. Same desires, same stories.We are so invested in holding on to our beliefs.

It keeps us comfortable and requires no work.

BUT... we never lose weight, and the struggle continues.

Are you willing to be courageous?

What are the beliefs you’re telling yourself that you need to disprove??

?“I can’t possibly say no to dessert, they’ll think I’m rude.”

? “I have to eat everything put in front of me.”

? “I couldn’t imagine life without chocolate.”

? “Food is joy.”

? “Dinner is the best part of the day.”

Are you willing to be wrong?

I'm not special or any different. If I can do this so can you.

Imagine a life where food is no longer occupying your mind. How much time would you create for the things you truly desire?

Book in your free session and let's start disproving some. It's so much easier to look at your beliefs with someone else.

Caroline xx

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