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Deep down your body knows what to do.

Babies aren’t born to want to keep eating.

They know to stop when they’re full.

They never put another mouthful in, just in case they’re hungry later.

They simply refuse to open their mouth.

But this natural ability to fuel our bodies, is set aside as we grow.

We are conditioned to stop listening to what we need, our instincts are overridden.

Modern day living with an ancient brain is no help.

As language forms, expectations follow.

We stop listening to internal cues.

So we start disconnecting from ourselves.

Have you ever watched a baby as they swish food around in their mouths?

It’s not gulped but slowly chewed and savoured.

Food’s role is meeting real hunger.

Then we grow, and we’re told to hurry up.

People can’t wait all day- you’re holding others up.

Eat everything on your plate, there’re starving people out there.

And here’s a sweet treat when everything’s gone.

Toddlers are trained, coerced and even threatened to eat the way adults prescribe.

And the instinct to eat naturally is stamped out.

Why did you override your natural normal healthy respect for food?

Where did it all begin?

Did you believe food shouldn’t be wasted?

Was it a reward for being ‘good’?

Or, a solution to feeling bad?

Did you think you had to eat or you’d be letting someone down?

Or because eating 3 solid meals was normal?

Whatever the reasons, nothing’s gone wrong.

The more you eat, the better you get at eating.

And the habit to overeat was formed.

You are human with a very human brain.

You just have some beliefs on board that are deeply rooted.

You’ve never realised they were yours to question.

These beliefs are what’s holding you back, but knowing them is the secret to change.

When you question it all with your rational brain, most of it doesn’t make sense.

There is always plenty of food to eat,

food is better in the bin than on your body,

Food is not a reward if you’re trying to lose weight.

Feeling bad is not a problem, you can handle the feeling in your body.

It’s not possible to let anyone down, they’re only let down by their own thoughts.

And their thoughts are rarely about you!

Then you can reprogram your brain, and reconnect you to your body.

And your natural way of eating is reborn.

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