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Dieting is unsustainable

Ever heard of the 'Sirtfood' diet? I bet there's part of you that wants to know exactly what it is. It’s so much easier to be given the recipe. It doesn’t require much of us. Just follow a formula and you’ll get the same result. The problem is like every other diet, when you stop, the weight eventually reappears. Most are unsustainable. Deprivation increases desire - it’s like a force against you. We only possess a certain amount of will power. When you white knuckle it, you will always de-rail. Long term weight loss is impossible when you don't understand the cause. You lose weight because of the actions you take. Actions are always driven by how you feel. Your feelings are created by your thoughts. A diet never addresses your thoughts. When the diet’s over, your brain is the same. Permanent weight loss requires more than just the ingredients. You need to understand what’s going on in your brain.

So much of our thoughts are left to default or autopilot. Words we're not even aware we're thinking. You don't need a diet to start losing weight forever. Just start changing the words you use. Instead of I need, or I can’t have, or I want, how about “I’m choosing not to" or “I’m choosing to.” “My health is much more important than this biscuit.”

Every word you say or think creates every result in your life. Start being deliberate with your thoughts. Notice how they make you feel. And when you ever feel the need to diet,

ask yourself whether you are willing to do it for life.

Book in your free session with me and I’ll teach youhow to create more thoughts

so you'll never have to diet again.

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