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Discomfort cannot be avoided..

Life is full of ups an

d downs, that’s what it’s like as a human.

If you were supposed to only be up, you wouldn’t have the ability to feel down.

But many of us eat to push away the part that doesn’t feel so good.

Numbing these feelings because we think they have to be avoided.

“We can’t selectively numb the emotions.

When we numb the dark, we numb the light.”

This is one of my favourite Brene Brown quotes and it's such a great example of

what you create when you're using food to combat what you're feeling.

It’s so much easier to eat chocolate than to feel discomfort.

But dulling your emotions only prolongs the pain and takes away so much of your life.

Overeating leads to weight gain and more suffering because you focus on that.

If you keep eating, you’re not acknowledging the long term effects.

And that's where you start to disconnect.

Brains think bad feelings are unsafe so they anticipate and dramatise your feelings.

And the pain you may experience is completely exaggerated.

They’ve been programmed to keep you alive.

The truth is, discomfort is just energy flowing through your body.

It’s nothing sinister, nor will it suck you up.

It’s created from a thought in your brain.

Eating offers temporary relief, it will never eliminate discomfort.

It only pushes everything back down.

Unprocessed emotions get trapped in your body as you never allow them to rise.

Your old programming continues, and your thoughts never come to the light.

You end up gaining weight and then suffer all the drama of that.

Eating to escape temporary discomfort, just adds another layer of pain.

What you’ve done is trade discomforts.

The discomfort of now for long term discomfort. Which in fact, is so much greater.

When you eat to numb the ‘not so great’ feelings,

you detach yourself from your truth.

Stop eating and invite these feelings in.

Experience them directly in your body.

You’ll start to notice they're not as bad as what your brain has led you to think.

It's something you can handle, and you realise you don't need to eat.

And this awareness creates the light that allows you to change.

Opening up to the dark, opens you up to so much more light.

And where permanent weight loss begins.

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