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Do you know what real hunger is?

Why does your stomach sometimes growl even when you’ve only eaten an hour before?

This is ghrelin, a hormone that helps control weight.

Released in the stomach, it tells you when you’re hungry.

Operating on the volume of food, not the calories in it.

Why you can drink a litre of coke (enough calories for the day), and still feel hungry.

The low-fat diet phase of the ’80’s was totally negligent.

Low-fat foods have a much higher sugar content, increasing cravings and hunger.

So hard to lose weight this way.

Fat is an important fuel for your body, it metabolises much more slowly.

Making you feel full for longer, like a slow release fertiliser.

The soil has to work hard to break it down but keeps the garden firing for months.

Ghrelin is programmed by us, eat 3 meals a day, your body sends out hunger signals at those times.

Eat 6 meals, your body will signal 6 times.

Confusing…as most of the time you’re genuinely not hungry.

You need to distinguish between cravings and genuine hunger

o bring your body back to its natural hunger state.

So entwined, they can feel the same.

A craving is a sensation that starts with a thought in the brain.

As simple as, “I need a piece of chocolate”.

It travels to the stomach, and becomes stronger and stronger.

Often referred to as ‘hangry’.

Real hunger is a sensation which starts in the stomach and travels to the brain.

Coming in waves, appearing then disappearing.

This is the body accessing fat stores, doing what it’s supposed to do.

Returning if more fuel is needed and intensifying the longer you don’t eat.

Fat stores on your body are the most important fuel you need to use every day.

Next time you reach for a snack, ask yourself a few questions:

Am I really hungry?

What is going on in my body?

Is this the time in the day I normally snack?

Have a play with the feeling of hunger, you won’t die, I promise.

Notice when or if it disappears.If it does, have a little cheer….it’s doing it’s job.

You are using those built up stores.

I like to visualise it accessing my thighs :)

Most people have enough fat stores on their bodies to last months.

The longest fast was 382 days!

When you access real hunger, you will be in awe how amazing your body is.

The more love and respect you have for it, the more it works for you.

Allowing real hunger is the secret to weight loss.

Next week I’ll give you a tool to help you do this.

Book in for a free session and we can explore whether you are fueling your body

when you’re genuinely hungry.


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