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Don't fall into the pit of self judgement.

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Have you ever started a diet, had a bad day,

then heard the voice start up in your head?

…you’re no good at honouring your word,

…you can’t do anything right

…you can’t stop at one…you’ll always be fat,

…you’ll never be good enough…you’ve stuffed up again!

This is what happens to so many of us.

The pit of self judgement- we’re so good at.Has us feeling lousy.

As feelings drive everything we do, weight loss from lousy is a struggle.

When you give your brain a thought, it will go to work to prove it right.

THINK “you’ll always be fat”….you FEEL defeated or hopeless or something like this,

has you heading straight to the fridge…BINGO, there it isthe PROOF,

you knew “you’d always be fat.”Then what do you do?

You use it to punish yourself, again.

The cycle is relentless, there is no UPSIDE at all.

The solution is simple.Change the way you speak to yourself.

After all it’s your thoughts in your head that started this.

Be your own best friend instead- you’d never talk to them this way.

How about- I’m learning to eat the food I’ve planned.I’m learning to allow an urge.

I’m learning to love my body, AND if I mess up, that’s ok, I will keep on improving.

Can you feel the difference?

The only way you will lose weight forever is to have your own back.

Do not accept self bullying anymore.

When you release the negative grip on yourself, you make room to assess.

Next time you eat something unplanned, step back from the beating.

Review what went wrong, then plan what to do next time.

Never call it failing, it’s only ever winning or learning.

It makes tomorrow that much better.

Book in for a free session and let’s re-set the self talk.

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