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Doubt your doubt.

Ever feel self doubt? Not good enough? Do you head straight for the packet of chips like I did? A happy place, until it isn’t one or two packets down. Our brain thinks it’s protecting us. Unsure what to do with this emotion, we just want to feel better. Eating is reactive and it’s a habit. After the initial relief you feel worse. Not only is self doubt still on board, there’s frustration and disgust and sometimes shame. Guess what happens when you feel these? Yep, you eat more and the cycle continues. Doubting oneself and one’s abilities is part of being human. Comes up when we do something new and challenging or have yet to devlelop the skill. Wired to keep you safe and conserve energy, the primitive part of your brain will tell you anything to 
keep you out of harms way.

Of course it makes sense, what you make it mean doesn't. Self doubt is just a vibration in your body. We eat because we don’t want to feel it.

The only solution then is to feel it. Invite it in and move through it- it won’t hurt you. Remember, it’s your thoughts that are driving your feelings and how you behave. Self doubt is just the space between disbelief and belief. What if you woke up tomorrow and told yourself something new. Today I’m going with confidence instead of self doubt, And I’m not using food. Next time self doubt shows up, you get to chose what it means. Put self doubt in the passenger seat and start moving forwards. Write down 3 thoughts that make you feel confident. Then get to work practicing. My clients change self doubt every day. You can too. Book in for your free session and let's use self doubt to fuel you
rather than fueling it.


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