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Food can't solve boredom.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

How about some lunch?...



A piece of chocolate?...



Some cheese?...

So much of our entertainment is food.

We have forgotten what else to do.

Thinking we’re missing out if we don’t say yes.

We prefer to consume than create.

Consuming and creating are both fun.'s passive and the other is not.

One fills your stomach, the other fills your soul.

We are so busy looking after everyone else,

we’ve forgotten what we did for fun.

Food the solution that's worked.

It's relieved us from tiredness, filled in boredom and distracted us from loneliness.

So we keep topping up,

unaware that our feelings can’t be extinguished with food.

It's only when you stop eating that they rise back up.

You can finally ask why?

What aren't you giving yourself that you need?

Remember laughing ’til you cried.

Dancing around the room.

Being silly without worrying what people would think.

Riding your bike down a hill with no hands.

Playing pranks, making cubbies and climbing trees.

I know you know how to have fun.

‘Real’ fun, not the one that you eat.

I’m not suggesting you do these things could!

Ask yourself what is it you really love to do?

What can you do to create fun this week?

I promise you, when you’re laughing and creating,

food is the last thing on your mind.

Your brain is what solves boredom, food simply cannot.

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