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Freedom from food chatter.

Are you sick of thinking about food all day every day?

I'll show you how you can clear it from your mind.

Freedom from non stop food chatter without having to feel you've missed out.

Not needing to justify eating another biscuit and cheese because “you need to relax.”

When there's so much chatter about food, we have to look in your brain.

It's really that simple, your beliefs about food have to change.

Here are 3 that might be keeping you stuck.

1- Food causes your cravings.

Your desire is always created by a thought. Uncovering this is your work.

Here are a few you may recognise…"It's been a stressful week," "who cares?"

"I need to relax," " it’s not fair," "I'm so bored" and "I deserve it."

You’re probably unaware that these are actually thoughts.

Urges are so quick and subconscious. Feels like nothing's gone on in between.

And you reach for the chocolate or cake or ice cream and then blame it for being there.

But every feeling you have has been preceded by something you've thought.

Teaching your brain how to observe this, is the only way you change the habit.

2- The idea that food or eating is good or bad.

When you make food something bad that you ‘can’t’ have, you resist.

You'll reward yourself by eating cake for being so “good”

...because the rebel in you deserves some “bad.”

Suddenly your desire's increased and you want a little more.

Then I'm guessing that after this you're not kind to yourself.

Which drives you to eat again.

This habit becomes even harder to break.

3-Willpower is the solution.

Grinning and bearing and white knuckling, doesn’t solve desire long-term.

Willpower teaches you to fight your urges.

It may work for a bit, but you give up, because it gets so exhausting.

Urges can never make you eat.

Every time you put something in your mouth, it's you making a decision.

When you stop fighting your urges, you will see they’re no big deal.

It's just energy that passes through when there's no resistance.

True freedom around food exists but first you have to start changing your beliefs.

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