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Future travel to Success..

You are designed to worry. Worry about the past and what you've done wrong. Worry about the future and what's going to happen. Every cell in your body is wired to protect you from danger. But most worry these days isn't about life threatening things. Many of you worry about your weight. There's a common belief that worry will somehow give you control. But worry leaves you depleted and out of your body. Where food has become the solution to fill up.

Losing weight is incredibly hard when you're worried. It doesn’t prevent the future or change the past. It keeps you stuck in an eating loop. Worry is only created by thoughts you've made up, so you've become powerless to the drama in your head.

I'm going to take you on a journey to create more useful thoughts. Ones that fuel courage, motivation and drive. As these feelings move you forward out of stuck. We’re going to the future to take back your power. So you can start living into excitement and growth.

We're going to meet future you. You who’s lost the weight and living the life of your dreams. Which is no more made up than your worrying thoughts. However one creates your dreams, the other anxiety and fear.

Close your eyes get comfortable and take a few deep breaths. Visualise a picture of future you at your goal weight… what do you notice... ...relief?...excitement?...maybe joy?

You worked hard to get here, you were committed, willing, courageous and always loving to you.

I want you to move closer, step into her body and feel what it's like within. How are you holding yourself? Are you looking strong or small? What are you wearing and what is the energy around you? Think about how you're speaking... what are you talking about?

Take another deep breath and as you do, breathe in deeply...

What can you smell? Can you access the thoughts running through your head? What does your day look like ahead? Take your time, really sink into your body where you're at your ideal weight. You're going to describe it in detail.

How does it feel in your stomach, your legs and your arms? Any sensations in your throat or your head? What is the feeling like in your body?

Remembering this is the lighter version of you.

Can you notice how the result changed you? What does future you know that you didn’t before?... What was the most important thing you learned on the way?... What was hard… and what did you do to push through? And why was your goal worth going after?

Pay close attention and remember what it feels like to be her. In this place, how would your relationship with losing weight change? You may notice, what you learned on the way was far more important than how much you weigh.

When you start living from the feeling of future you, you'll gain access to your incredible wisdom. Where your body knows exactly what to do.

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