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Future proof your road to success.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Your dreams are long term results you desire for your future.

Permanent weight loss is forever.

For many of you, it's taken years to get to where you’re at.

Changes won't happen overnight.

Diets entice you in, as they offer the quickest solution.

But restricting food never lasts long term. Your relationship with you is the key to losing weight forever. When you follow these 3 steps your relationship strengthens, where you'll always do what you say.

1.  Pre-plan and use your higher brain to work out what you want.

2.  Follow through on these plans today.  

3.  When urges come up, you have to learn how to feel what you do. As you practice these steps, always keep these two things in mind ;

*  Mistakes mean you’re either learning or growing, they're never a reason to quit.

*  Love and compassion is always your priority along the way.

Then, the most important part is to start becoming future you.

Understand how she thinks, what she feels and how she shows up.

You're learning how to plan, what to eat and to love you.

So when you reach your goal weight, it all feels quite normal.

As you’ve already embodied your dream you,

and that’s when you keep it off forever.

It’s the little changes that add up each day.

A gift you're giving future you, and the desires you want to see.

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