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Give your brain a spring clean.

I have been questioning my thoughts a lot lately. I have my clients do this when we start.

A brain dump.

All their beliefs around food and weight.Thoughts they’ve been thinking forever.

Sentences in their brain, practiced so often,

they're relegated to the subconscious and feel like facts.

Thoughts dictate every single result in your life, ALWAYS.

This is crucial to understand when you want to lose weight.

Programming starts at birth, before we have a choice.

By parents, grandparents, teachers, friends etc.Beliefs as they saw it, now imprinted on you.

Some handed down from generations ago.

Defining your individual lens, your interpretation of the world.

What we’re not taught, is that our interpretation is completely optional.

Here's the truth-the way WE see things is NOT the facts.

There are millions of other possibilities out there.

I grew up thinking ‘you need cake to celebrate a birthday'.

Many in the world wouldn’t even know that birthday cake existed.

There is no 'true' thought ,but there are different results.

I'd eat cake at every birthday celebration, the others didn't.

The reason you don’t weigh what you’d like to weigh is the way you’re thinking.

Losing weight permanently requires a spring clean.

A clean up of all your beliefs about food and your weight.T

hink about it like you’re cleaning out your wardrobe.

Everything has to come out first so you can dust the shelves.

Here's a little exercise to do:

Write down 5 beliefs you have around food, alcohol or weight.( I have some of mine below).

Make two columns .In one, write down how the statement is true.

In the second, write down how the statement is a lie.

As you look at your beliefs, it’s useful to ask a few questions.

Does this thought still serve a purpose?

Is it aligning with how you want to live your life?

Do you still love it?

If so, great, it gets to stay. If not, time to let it go.You will never need it again.

Were you, like me surprised at how easy these thoughts were to disprove?

Did you laugh out loud?

I had some shoved in the very back of the closet.Full of dust.Thoughts that didn’t make sense.

That were creating results in my life that I didn’t like.Thoughts like:

'There's nothing that compares to a home cooked meal' 'Everything in moderation' 'A party is no fun without food and alcohol' 'The best part of my day is breakfast.' 'Cooking and eating with my family is love.' 'I will feel left out if I don't eat with them.' 'I will be offending the host if I don't eat dessert.'

Awareness is the first step to change.

You then get to decide what you want to think on purpose. You get to choose what thoughts you want to put back in. Give it a go, it's liberating.

Caroline xx

P.S Please book in a FREE session and we can uncover some of your old beliefs that could be holding you back from losing weight for good.

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