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Gratitude is a lens changer.

Are you just finding ways to get through your day?

Little or no routine?

Many of you have kids around all day,

partners working from home or not working, mess everywhere.

Easy to see all the things that are going wrong.

All the great plans you've made this year, just disappeared.

Eating an easy anchor to get through the misery.

What if you thought of your life as 50/50?

Half great, half bad all of the time.

You could argue the ratio, but without sad how could you know happy?

The human experience is this contrast.

But the brain is designed to be laser focused.

When you feed it negative, that’s what it will find.

We are so easily dragged into drama and catastrophizing,

our primitive survival instinct at play.

It is simply not life preserving to be doing this all day.

Why not be fair to yourself. 

If you’re going to be sucked in to all the bad stuff,

put on the other lens and balance it out.

Look around and find the other 50. 

It’s always there.

When I feel stressed or angry, 

gratitude is a quick lens changer.

Usually the simple things make me feel best.

I’m grateful;

- I can walk my dog every day. - there is still an abundance of fresh fruit and veg in the shops. - I can have a hot shower when I want. - for modern healthcare. - for my beautiful family.

The shift in me is automatic.

What are 5 things you are grateful for today?

Why not start with your body, something always taken for granted.

Notice how it's hard to stop at 5.

This is what the brain’s good at- finding more of what it's fed.

Get to work today and create the other 50% of your life on purpose.

You’ll be surprised how you feel and that food was not involved.

Gratitude shows up so differently to worry and stress.

Some of the best results have come out of difficult situations.

Time to make them yours. Book in for your free session and see what it's like working with a coach.

I have all the tools to help you start losing weight forever.

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