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How one small tweak could change your life for good.

I’ve been riding a bike since I was little and I've just learned something new.

My cycling friend who's an expert taught me something that changed my life.

You can take a corner at speed super smoothly by lifting your inside knee!

I can hear you saying...der…that’s obvious, but this took me 40 years. :)

I used to grip tight, close my eyes and hope I wouldn’t come off.

I was totally out of control. Quite astonishing that I'm not dead.

The brain loves repetition. Habits are our built-in energy saving tool.

And by nature they are designed not to be questioned.

So by default, we actually think there’s no other way.

She only suggested I lift the other knee.

Something so small gave me such a big result.

I started flying around the corners eyes wide open, totally in control. So much freedom, so thrilling and so much more fun.

There are many areas in our lives where we have become blinkered.

Where we rarely question what we’re doing.

Eating 3 meals a day, snacking often and consuming sugar and processed foods.

We've done this for so long, we never think there's any other way- of course you must eat everything on your plate!

But deep down, you know it isn’t working.

You’re exhausted, drained and in so much discomfort.

Not losing weight, frustrated, sick of dieting, and moving up and down the scales.

You really don’t know why it's so hard, maybe there's something wrong.

Nothing's gone wrong, habitual eating just isn’t serving your body.

The truth is, this type of eating is abnormal and it’s disconnecting you from you.

You’ve stopped listening to what your body needs.

It's not your fault, you’ve been brought up with these habits wired into your brain.

And they’re far too hard to see from within.

These beliefs are why you keep you overeating.

No diet will ever uncover them, diets only restrict food.

You need a coach.

Someone trained to find the beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Like me with the corners and my knees- so obvious to someone else. You may need only one small tweak that will change your life for good.

Is there somewhere in your life you’re not getting the results you want?

This is where you need help and this is what I'm trained to do.

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