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How to make the right decision

Sometimes it seems so hard to make a decision.

We spend ages procrastinating.

Weighing up all the options.

Going back and forth... worrying.

We stress as we just want to get it ‘right’.

We question what to eat, when to start, 

how we’re going to manage and what exercise to do.

Indecision always keeps us stuck.

We're so afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decision,

we add pressure on ourselves to get it right.

What if no decision was ‘wrong’?

What if you just decide and move on?

and  then you can decide that  if you fail it doesn't mean a thing as you'll always have your own back.

What you'll find, is that some things work out and some don’t.

When they don’t, you then know what not to do next time. 

How could you possibly know what’s right,

if you don’t have any wrongs?

Decide to never say you made the 'wrong' choice.

It’s actually not true.

Then of course your decisions become right.

No more wavering and wasting mental space.

Practice making a decision today.

Why don't you make it now and 

 book in your free session and start losing weight for good.

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