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How to make unbearable OK.

I have been waiting for days for inspiration so I can write, but I've been struggling to have a coherent thought. I thought I was ok, then it notched up a gear.

Menopause and hormones unleashed!

Head fog, hot sweats, irritability and yuk.

I’ve felt disconnected for a couple of weeks.

Disconnected from my business- why do I want it?

Family- they all want too much.

Husband- he doesn’t understand me… Goals?... don't even mention the word!

I was feeling incredibly flat.

Heading straight to the chocolate in my fridge...

but.. I was able to stop and re-group.

This is exactly what I teach people to do.

The solution to what you're feeling is never overeating.

Through my fog, I knew the steps to follow.

The first part- uncovering what's true. So the truth is I feel lousy- I can't even crack a smile.

The second part is understanding my thoughts above are not true.

They are just words in my head- there are millions of others in there too.

And there’s always a thousand 'other' truths.

Thirdly and importantly there's acceptance and the willingness to feel.

I feel lousy because my body is simply responding to my thoughts.

Only then can I see the other truths;

I love the business I’m creating, empowering woman to change their lives.

My family is so close and loving,

and of course my husband is just trying his best.

The truth is my hormones are finding a new balance.

This is normal, nothing’s wrong, and 100% what the body does best.

I’ve experienced these feelings before and I know I’m going to be ok.

Inspiration is just going to be trickier when I feel this way.

It’s not a problem that I’m a little disconnected.

I’m a human woman with the gift of emotions.

It's simply energy in your body, the signals to help you navigate your life.

My goals will still be there, after giving my brain a rest.

I used to make it mean something had gone terribly wrong.

Something I had to fix quick, where food always came through.

These were the days when I believed I had to feel happy to be of value.

It blows me away how I respond nowadays.

I've become a completely different version of me.

I invested time and money in re-training my brain.

My life is now evolvement and growth,

where I still experience the not so great feelings,

but it’s just a flag to let me know something’s up. I've let myself be amazing and human where ... unbearable has become ok.

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