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How to Re-decide your life on Purpose.

Every single thing you do and have in your life 

is because of a decision you’ve made.

If you’re overweight, 

you keep choosing to eat more food than your body needs.

The same decision, every single day.

A decision is an action taken, driven by a committed thought.

Your beliefs are these thoughts, humming in the background.

Creating your life without you.

Subconscious because you’ve been thinking them forever.

Decisions that were handed to you by your parents and society.

Never questioned, or truly believed you could.

As a human you have an extraordinary gift.

Being able to observe your thoughts. 

Noticing they're just words, they're not you. You have the ability to re-decide everything, anytime you want. Understanding your committed thought is the first step.

Did your mum tell you, you’ll always be fat?

Do you think it’s in your genes?

Do you think 3 meals a day and snacking is normal eating?

Is it rude to not eat what you’re served?

Do you think food is a treat?

Separating the facts and your beliefs is what I help you do.

Noticing with curiosity (rather than judgement)

the stories your brain tells about your life.

You discover what you think, is not always true.

You then get to decide if they’re serving you or not.

This is how your experience starts to change.

Re-deciding your life on purpose is an option for you every single day.

Let’s uncover what’s really going on, why you aren’t losing weight.

I can promise you there are at least 100 thoughts that are the problem.

Make a decision today and book in.

I'll call you and you can start to live your life on purpose.

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