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Use boredom to create rather than eat.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Routine’s out,

Not able to get out and about.

Can't see friends, go to work, go to the gym.

No filling in the day with all the normal things.

So much more time at home and boredom creeps in.

Ever recall your parents telling you-

"Bored? I’ll give you bored!"... and the list of chores grew?

An emotion I've always avoided.

Making me feel restless and uneasy, like something wasn’t right.

Conditioned from very young to believe that boredom was a problem. 'Danger' to our primitive brains.

Eating an escape.

Trailing back and forth to the fridge all day.

I'd try to push boredom away. BUT,  it always came back.

Did you know it's ok to feel bored? It's actually not a problem.

I was never taught that this was an option.

It's only energy- a vibration running through your body.

Resisting boredom with food and alcohol,

never solves the reason you’re bored in the first place.

Invite it in and make peace with it.  Where does it show up in your body? Describe it in detail. This gets it out of your head.

Try it for 30 seconds, adding more time the better you get.

Fully process the vibration of boredom.

Separating you from it,  and giving you space.

Space allows creation.

With more time than ever and while you're at home, 

what could you possibly do that would result in something useful to you?

Write down 5 things you've always wanted to create, learn or do. Your brain loves to solve problems.

Easy to forget your dreams when you spend a lifetime

snuffing them out with food.

Book in your session and we’ll plan how to make your dreams a reality.


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