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How your relationship to food is critical.

It’s so easy to live by default, getting through the same way each day.

Rarely thinking what you’re putting in your mouth.

I did this for years. Same treats, same snacks, same patterns.

When you understand the way the brain works-

and that ease, comfort and repetition are what drives it,

you can learn how to take back control.

Your relationship with food is so important, as it dictates how you eat.

Do you eat just to keep hunger away?

Do you eat because it's there?

Do you eat because it’s that time..?

… because you're bored, restless or lonely…

or is it much more to you than that?

Finding out why you’re eating is the first step,

it’s definitely not ‘real’ hunger, as you wouldn’t be overweight.

We all have to eat to survive, that's true.

What’s also true is you don't have eat food that’s providing nothing of value to you,

or munch your way through the day.

Not realising you’re treating your body like a bin, throwing anything and everything in.

What gets murky when you’re eating this way,

is that you're actually making a decision as to what you're putting in your mouth.

It may feel out of control, but each morsel is a choice.

When you’re preparing your meals, what are you thinking?

Are you loving the ingredients that will be nourishing and fueling your body? OR

are you eating whatever you like or can find, and thinking about something else?

When you really connect with the food you're eating,

and its role in your energy and health,

you'll only want to fuel your body with the very best you can.

When you’re not finding this brain/body connection,

you'll mindlessly put food in your mouth.

Eating what's quick and feels good in the moment and often not the best choice.

Which makes it so much harder to lose weight.

Slow down and think about what it is you want to eat and why.

Then plan your meals ahead of time with what your body needs in mind.

Taking it away from the default, pre-conditioned habit.

When you think about the food you're eating from love and connection,

you'll look after your body in a nourishing and sustainable way.

And this is when losing weight becomes forever.

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