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Ignite your Superpower

For many of you, you’re hanging on by a thread.

This weightloss thing you were so desperate to fix,

no longer a priority.

Your brain is in survival mode. Doing what it’s trained to do.

Eating and drinking exactly what it wants, no supervision.

Don’t worry, there’s good news…

You have another part to your brain and why you’re human.

The prefrontal cortex. Your superpower.

This is the part you want to ignite. 

The guider, communicator and planner.

It has the ability to override your primitive self. 

To tell it what’s really going to happen.

It’s not easy at first, you're well practiced at being at the effect of your life.

Not really understanding that you have a choice. 

Overeating just one you’ve been conditioned to make.

Losing weight is never about what you eat or don’t…..

It’s about finding the reason you’re overeating in the first place.

And they’re all coming up now.

There is a way through this time without gaining more kilos.

Your experience in the next few months is created by what you are thinking.

If you learn how to manage your mind, it’s as good as done.

Of course it’s easier to stick to a food plan when the world is certain.

The true test is when it’s not.

Learning to switch on your superpower through this pandemic,

you’ll be able to manage anything.

When you work out how to stop overeating now,

you’ll have cracked it for good.

It’s the perfect time to set your intentions,

decide on purpose what you want, and get through this right on target. 

Think of all the hard things you’ve done in the past that you are grateful for now.

Invest in you and do that hard thing now.

Your future self, at her natural weight will be forever grateful.

Book in your free consultation and let's get going.


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