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Is it really love??

Would you like to get all your daily nutrients in one bar?

If I could take away your desire for food, would you let me?

I haven’t found many women that would.

There’s no right or wrong answer, just a whole lot of limiting beliefs.

If you’re a no - write down all your reasons why not.

Your relationship with food needs to be fully understood,

if you want to lose weight forever.

Your thoughts about food are your obstacles on the pathway to success.

Each one is so awesome to uncover as you’ve exposed what’s keeping you stuck.

In modern society we've romanticised eating, and food plays the leading part.

“I can’t live without chocolate” “Life wouldn’t be the same without biscuits and cake”

“I love pavlova more than I love my life”

“I adore wine and cheese, I can't imagine a weekend without.”

Does this love affair sound familiar? For many years, we’ve substituted food for what’s missing in our lives.

When we’re lonely, bored or stressed, we immediately get something to eat.

Even when we're just a little restless, we go hunting for some food.

Food provides comfort and distraction from ourselves, no wonder we love it so much.

But as your weight starts creeping up, this relationship eventually sours.

In the past you'd start restrictive diets and try to eliminate it from your life.

But when you've created this loving attachment, you'll do anything to get it back.

Dieting will never give you a solution as your relationship is still intact.

You have to step back and take a good look to see what it's creating for you.

A relationship begins in your head, creating the feeling that drives what you do.

Loving thoughts about food always increases your desire.

You keep eating and proving you can't live without it, and you get even more attached.

To break-up for good, you have to show your brain it's not as good as it thinks. Sit alone with your favourite food and a pen.

Write in detail after every single mouthful.

What does it taste like? How does it feel in your body? How do you feel? What are you thinking?

My bet is, the first couple of bites will be amazing and then love starts peetering out...

A powerful exercise to do, to shine the light on your love affair.

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