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It's definitely not the chocolate cake!

There is so much shame attached to overeating.

Shame is a feeling connected with inadequacy.

Caused by a thought of wrong or foolish behaviour,

When we feel it we just want to hide.

This is how it plays out for many of us;

You’ve eaten half a chocolate cake or maybe it’s a block of chocolate,

After an initial feeling of sickness, shame seeps in.

Our primitive protective instinct and conditioning

are set to avoid rejection at all costs.

So 9 times out of 10 we eat again, to make it disappear!

And of course we’ve ended up rejecting ourselves anyway.

When we attach so much shame and hopelessness to overeating,

it becomes impossible to change our relationship with food.

Eating the cake has nothing to do with shame.

What you’re making it mean about you is the problem.

So many of my clients believe they have no control.

They think there’s something wrong with them.

This is simply not true!

Our brain and body is wired to overdesire this food.

Added to that, we’ve never been taught how to process emotions,

And pushing them away with food is an easy fix.

Shame is a vibration in your body, starting with a thought.

When I feel shame my cheeks go red.

I feel hot and heavy in my stomach, it comes in waves.

What does shame feel like to you?

Describe it in detail. Notice it’s not as bad as you think?

Dropping out of your head and into your body,

you recognise it for what it is- just a vibration.

Opening up to it, allows room to access that thought.

Be compassionate with yourself,

Who’d ever thought eating the cake wasn’t causing you shame.

The key is uprooting the thought causing you all the pain,

and from here is where the change begins.

Remember, you are perfect no matter what.

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