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It was always meant to be this way.

I know a lot of you are anxious.

We are being fed startling news all day.

I want to help you navigate this time.

Set new goals, beliefs and a different perspective.

Isolation and lockdown is not our norm.

It all feels so worrying.

But, as humans we’ve been experiencing hardships for thousands of years.

We are actually made for it, and incredibly good at it.

We’ve evolved without toilet paper, shops, restaurants and bars!

Not necessary for survival.

Many of us think our lives are meant to be certain.

That this year was supposed to unfold the way we’d planned. 

Travel, a child’s HSC, time to yourself, new job, kids leaving home, 

weddings, parties etc.

When we feel entitled and start arguing that life shouldn’t be this way,

We create so much more pain.

COVID-19 was always coming.

We were always going to be in social isolation,

jobs lost, home schooling, change of plans.

I know many of you are thinking this isn’t true, but I want to offer you,

that this was always going to happen,

because it did.

When you think it SHOULD be different, you’re only arguing with reality.

And you’ll lose every single time.

The human experience is made up of positive and negative emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, frightened, frustrated, bored or lonely.

It’s ok to not love it all- you are human.

BUT when you push against it and argue with it, you create a more intense version.

Putting yourself at its effect and completely powerless.

Overeating and overdrinking to feel better.

Open up to this experience and allow yourself to feel sad,

allow disappointment, frustration and anger all the way through.

Where does it show up in your body?

Be present with it. It’s just a vibration,

and the part of life that’s not great.

Eating and drinking will only ever be a temporary solution.

Weight gain, hangover and perhaps self loathing just another layer on top.

Pick up the reins again and practice some new thoughts.

How about-

“I feel frightened that life has changed but that’s ok, I am made for this and I’ll figure it out”.

Does this feel any different?

Try one of your own and then book in for your free call.

I will show you how to manage your mind and lose weight for the last time. Caroline xx

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