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Change is always certain.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Are you noticing your stress levels have increased? 

The world has changed and many of us feel out of control.

We cling to the notion that things must stay the same.

So when chaos reigns, we fight it.

The thing is, in our world change is certain.

Pandemics, recessions, stock market movements, natural disasters,

wars, the weather, and especially our kids-

impermanence has always been part of our lives.

Instead of judging how you feel, get curious how you react.

Do you resist it and avoid it?

Do you yell and scream?

Notice when you’re suffering… 

do you eat?

The brain is built for comfort- 'predictability' is its thing. We go to great lengths to create certainty around us. So when something unusual happens and our plans are upended, we think something’s gone terribly wrong.

We’ve trained ourselves to eat, an easy way to forget for a sec what’s happening around us.

Here's a tip; Before you reach for food next time, pause and ask yourself kindly- why is feeling stress a problem? It’s only a feeling you’re fighting, an emotion...just a vibration.

The only certainty we have in life is that it unpredictably rolls on. Fifty-fifty, half good half bad, it’s just the way it is.

Next time you feel stress, just invite it in. When you stop pushing it away ,you get to see what’s actually true,

then you can explore the thoughts which are triggering you. The only thing in your control is what you think about it. AND, there are a million other options that will serve you better.

Exploring these is true freedom, where food is never needed. Want to learn my 5 simple steps to help reduce your stress? Book in for your free session and I'll teach you how. Then you can start losing weight forever.

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