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Love creates more of what you want.

Are you always putting out fires around you? Do you get mad, defensive or annoyed... because you think you’ve been misunderstood or attacked?

It's so easy to turn to food when you feel like this. I want to share a different approach. Where you won’t have to eat to feel better. Opening up to growth and connection, not to gaining kilos. It’s the ability to become vulnerable. Where you're unafraid to experience any emotion. It will be scary at first, especially if you’ve been avoiding them forever. But when you do, you'll be in charge of feeling what you want. You won't need to rely on others. Vulnerability is accepting who you are. It's dropping all expectations of anyone in your life. Understanding they were there so YOU could feel a certain way. Vulnerability is loving a person for who they are and who you are with them. Where you're not trying to control them. Of course you will be exposed to rejection. And this is the whole point. As resisting rejection makes you defensive and closes you down to love. Vulnerability requires no armour. You’ve got nothing to prove. You know your own worth. You don’t need to argue or attack. You can hear what other people have to say. As you don’t make it mean a thing about you. You're willing to bring it on board, and learn from it, so it loses all its power. It’s the opposite of being a victim. And the most freeing thing in the world. It's empowering. It's true emotional growth. If you notice yourself getting defensive, ask your self why? The truth is, if you didn’t believe any of it, it really wouldn’t matter. There's a part of you that judges you too. Vulnerability doesn’t require food to escape. It requires connection with you and feeling the truth of your life.

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