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Love your body to lose weight forever.

One of the first steps in weight loss is not changing what you eat.

It's accepting your body.

You may think this is defeatist and will never give results.

But the opposite is true.

Acceptance is never passive.

Awareness of watching and noticing requires effort.

Accepting and owning something gives you power over it.

The power to change.

Rejecting your body, pushes it away.

It's called self abuse.

Conditioned to shame ourselves into action.

This is not sustainable, and just exhausting.

What you’re missing, is the negative emotion you keep avoiding.

Abusing yourself will never drive long term change.

When you feel self loathing or shame, what happens?

I’m guessing you eat… again.

Escaping from yourself and how you feel.

When working with my weight loss clients, we start here.

Accepting their bodies the way they are.

A body is just tissue, organs, bones and fluid.

The amazing vehicle you’ve been given.

And, it means nothing about you.

You are 100% worthy and whole and perfect as you are.

This is not giving up.

This is taking back the power.

Back in your beautiful hands.

It is then you can decide what changes you want to make.

If you've been rejecting it forever, it may take a little time.

It's so much easier with a coach.

I am trained to see what you can't.

Let's chat and I will teach you how.

Book in your complimentary session..

Caroline xx

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