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Never tell yourself you 'should' lose weight.

Updated: May 6, 2020

So you think you should lose weight.

Seems like a good thought.

Responsible and kind, even looking out for yourself.

If this thought is familiar, and you’re still overweight, stop thinking it now. 

It is only a permission giving excuse to eat- in the disguise of self care.

What you’re actually thinking is,

“I should lose weight….but I don't want to.”

A mental tug of war, leaving you exhausted.

'Should', only holding you to ransom- a green light to eat. Requiring nothing of you. Committing to losing weight is no picnic.

Requiring courage and determination.

Sitting with your emotions feels terrible.

If you thinks it 'should' be easy, you’ll keep adding.. ' not just yet’

There are only two ways to get off this hamster wheel. 1.  Stop thinking you 'should' lose weight (it will never give you what you want).                            OR

2.  Stop overeating for good and commit courageously ( I have all the tools). Option 2 will shine a light on your brain. Giving that inner voice some air time without quietening it with food.

Finally understand what's going on for you.

Your relationship with you evolves, and losing weight, a by-product.

This experience is life changing.

Losing weight forever is not fun, why most people don’t.

And that’s the point.

Commit and know it’s going to feel terrible to start.

But the reward is just so good.  "Why should I lose weight?" Answer that instead. Let's make a decision today, book your  free session . Don't let yourself think "not just yet..." Caroline xx

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