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Nothing wrong with you

Do you dream about what drink and nibbles you’re going to have Friday night?

Are you in the fridge when you need to sit down and work?

Is chocolate on your mind as soon as you’ve taken the last mouthful of dinner?

Do you plan dinner right after breakfast?

You are not alone.

This was me for many years.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

That I was unfixable.

I was obsessed with food and the next drink.

I became a cook just so I could be around it legitimately all the time.

I didn’t think it was possible to stop wanting it.

We need to eat to live don’t we?

Of course we do, but not at the expense of ourselves or our bodies.

I felt disgusting and I wasn’t very well.

I started doing my research and discovered how I could stop the pain.

I discovered ‘why’.

Why I couldn’t control what I was doing.

Why I was craving food all the time.

Why I couldn’t just eat one handful of chips or

Why 1 glass turned into 2 and 3 so easily.

And why my hormones were all over the place.

I was doing exactly what my body was designed to do .

In fact I was doing it really well!

There was absolutely NOTHING WRONG WITH ME at all.

This was a massive relief.

It gave me space from the sneaky brain chatter I was having.

Space for curiosity and compassion.

And space to be able to change.

We have trained our bodies to be over hungry and over desire food.

We are hooked on the feel good hormone, dopamine.

Dopamine is released when we eat.

In primitive days this got us out of the cave (potentially into danger)

to find food for survival.

Nowadays, food no longer needs to be hunted,

it is plentiful and in very concentrated forms.

Our hormones don’t recognise this.

The high sugar/refined food diet of modern man artificially spikes our dopamine.

We think we need chocolate and cakes for survival!

We are conditioned from a very early age that happiness is the goal of our lives.

We were never taught to manage our emotions.

So when we experience something negative, food has become our ‘go to’.

Food gives us a quick ‘happy’ hit.

It is always there, in the fridge and pantry.

Unfortunately we fill ourselves up so we don’t have to feel anything.

And we never learn to access our true selves.

I have studied and researched health and weight.

I have got the solutions.

How to solve for over-hunger, over desire and re-connect with you.

Now you’re over 40, this is the perfect time to start.

Start to re-balance those hormones.

Time to start to clean up your body and your mind,

so that the next 50 years will be fantastic.


P.S Download my free PDF, the 5 Secrets to permanent weight loss

P.S If you want to learn more book in for a free 45 min session

where we can see where you are now,

Where you want to go and we can get you there.

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