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Only one Cure for being Overweight

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The ONLY reason you’re overweight or not at your ideal weight

is because you’ve trained your body to be overhungry and overdesire food.

There’s only one way to cure being overweight.

Figure out why you overate so that you can make a different choice next time.

Most people think that weight gain is the result of temptation or a lack of discipline.

This is never the case.

You said yes, because a sentence in your mind gave you permission.

(even when you knew better)

One more bite/taste won’t hurt…

… It’s a holiday, and a little indulgence won’t kill me...

… I’ll be good next year…

…eating is how we connect…

…it’s breakfast time…it’s so cold out there, I need a little bit more…

Your only job is to learn how to stop believing them.

They are the lies that keep you stuck in the habit.

Understanding why you overdesire food and the reason

your body is overhungry, shows you why you’re holding on to these excuses.

I teach you how to do this in my 3 month program.

Come and join me now before Winter gets into full swing,

where for certain these excuses will start showing up.

I’ll show you how easy it is to stop them in their tracks,

and you can start dropping the weight straight away.

It's not sustainable to diet for life.

Come and learn freedom from all the food and weight chatter,

and you can start putting your energy into something you really desire.

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