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Our brain can't handle the buzz.

Humans have incredible skills to adapt. We've adapted our eating for thousands of years… So why are we all getting bigger? Why can't we handle food now? Because saying no to processed and sugary foods is so hard... the human brain loves to be buzzed, and fast food is the brilliant at that. Processed foods run our lives, more than the brain has ever known before.

...uber eats can deliver a Big Mac right to your door. classes aren't just about creating, they've become “sipping wine and eating while painting ” …dial up a pizza when you're waiting in a queue.. ... you can eat twisties and chocolate while you wait for a train... Aagh, no wonder it's so hard, we've made it about survival. Advertisers and the diet industry spend billions selling processed foods as low-calorie and a healthy choice. Cooking shows dominate recreation and chefs have become our heroes. Social media is clogged with millions of recipes for sourdough and cake. Food delivery companies are in the Fortune 500. Positive messages about food are constantly bombarding your brain. It's so abundant and easy to get. Eating all day and everywhere has become socially acceptable. When you're not eating sugar, something's terribly wrong. We're a culture obsessed with food.

We're so confused how much we should eat.

We've forgotten the skill to check in with our body.

We believe being hungry is scary.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Have you ever stopped and asked why? It's definitely not starvation, that's not a thing in our part of the world... But I hear you say.. "what if I get hungry?"⠀ I want you to ask yourself.. "so what?" You have plenty of food on your body to get you through the day. Why is not eating a problem for you? You'll uncover what you're trying to push away by eating.

It's probably being left with your emotions.

It's not your fault you're overeating- it’s the environment you live in that's to blame.

This may seems bleak but it's not all bad. The habit of eating too much can be broken, without having to lock yourself up. You can teach your brain how to manage cravings…even if your favourite food's around. You can stop before finishing everything on your plate. You can eat less often, reduce how much, and even say no to snacking. You can decide what you think about eating and how you want it in your life. The key is learning how to manage your brain around food in today's world. It's not because you're broken or it's in your genes. Start planning your meals and stop snacking, allowing your body to heal.

A time out from consuming improves digestion. Allows hormones to re-balance, and you'll feel better... The best thing of all is what you learn on the way; -how to reduce your desire, -how to eliminate cravings and -how to honour what your plan and be a loving friend to you.

You’re only 3 months away from a happier, healthier, loving relationship with you, that will create a life of your dreams. It's totally in your reach. Change it now and Let's chat.

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