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OMG who’d ever thought we’d be talking about this..

We spend most of our lives cursing our period each month ,

then we get pregnant and have to deal with the aftermath of that

and suddenly without warning it’s on it’s way out.

I thought this happened to women in their 50’s.

One weekend when I was 45 I could hardly put one foot in front of

the other. I thought something was seriously wrong with me, this wasn’t

just normal tiredness .

After some blood tests my doctor told me I was perimenopausal…Peri What??

I didn’t even know there was a thing.

Apparently most women from 45 are perimenopausal - our hormones are

changing on the way to the big M (this is what my daughter is now calling it).

As if our teenagers and young adult children weren’t giving us enough grief.

Then there was that uh huh moment -I no longer needed to wear socks to bed,

the kids were complaining I was crankier than normal (ha ha) and my husband

was really annoying me.

The doctor told me this could go on for years -YAY!!

Everyone told me this was the time of middle-age spread.All women put on weight.

This was like a red rag to a bull for me.

This couldn’t be true.I knew plenty of older women who weren’t overweight.I was

going to prove to myself I could get to 50 in the best shape physically and mentally

that I’ve ever been.

I’m no scientist but I did a bit of research and found nothing linking menopause

to weight gain.There was proof that fat accumulated more around the middle but

there was no proof that menopause was the cause of weight gain.

Studies found that the likely reason for menopause and weight gain was inactivity

and habits that hadn’t changed.

I decided then and there this was not going to be me.

This was the perfect time to take control.

What better time to start really loving your body.

Look at the children it created.

It might be a bit less taut but you wouldn’t give those kids up for the world.

Without your body it wouldn’t have been possible.

Menopause is going to happen to us all, it’s how we were designed.

Are you going to slow down, sit around waiting for the grandchildren to turn up,

feel tired and grumpy and put on weight?

Or is it going to be the end of one chapter and the beginning of the climax?

The part when you chose the body and life you want.

Decide today what it’s going to mean for you.

I made it happen for me.

Book in for a free mini session with me and we’ll make it happen for you.

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