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Why we love to EAT and WORRY.....

I have just spent 2 weeks travelling in Italy.

Apart from the beautiful medieval towns, all I noticed was how much people were

eating and how large everyone was .

Why has eating become the most important part of our day, our holidays, and our lives?

I hear you...

TRUE - we have to eat.

UNTRUE - we have to eat sugar and processed foods.

We have become overeating machines.

But it's not our fault entirely.

There's nothing wrong with us,

we are just behaving how we are supposed to behave.

Human beings are driven by The Motivational Triad .

This helped us evolve to become the most dominant

species on this planet.

Put simply this is what we do;

Seek pleasure , avoid pain and conserve as much energy as possible.

Our survival depended on the dopamine release in our brain that drove us out

of the caves into danger to find food, water and a mate.

It is the feel good hormone.

Our fight/flight mechanism kept us alive.We avoided the pain of

being eaten alive, and many other hidden dangers.

The adrenal glands spur into action to release more glucose in the

blood so there's plenty of extra fuel to get out of a situation as quickly

as possible! It kept us alive.

Our brains were designed to remember all these things, store them

and use this information without having to re-learn it all.

It became automatic so we wouldn't waste precious energy.

In the 21st century we have lives of comfort and abundance

where most of us have a roof over our heads, electricity, running water,

supermarkets on every corner and more places to eat than there are people.

There is so much food everywhere.

Food has become an art form and an obsession.

We have food shows, food blogs, food fair and food outlets by the millions.

It is a world obsessed with food.

We no longer have many life threatening situations but we have created

false sets of dangers. We worry about our children, worry about our health,

worry we can't pay the mortgage, speaking in public ...the list goes on.

When we eat sugar and highly processed foods-foods not found in

their natural state and highly concentrated ,our brains release a massive

spike of dopamine.

We have tricked our brains to think we need this food for survival.

So we seek out more and we down regulate our dopamine receptors so that we need

more to get the same hit.

The Motivational Triad is no longer working for us.

In fact, it is doing the exact opposite.

It is killing us.

We over seek pleasure.

We overeat, overdrink, overwork,

watch too much television,

over indulge in gambling, social media and technology.

We perceive pain as our negative emotions.

We have become good at resisting and avoiding pain by seeking more of

the pleasure above so we can feel better quickly.

And because our brains are designed for efficiency ,we have become super good at it.

These neural pathways are becoming stronger and stronger.

We are creating a population that is steadily becoming bigger and bigger

and more and more anxious.

Can you imagine just eating food as fuel?

Fuel for your body and mind just enough so you can live.

Can you imagine feeling your emotions rather than resisting or avoiding them?

How would that look for you?

Obesity has become an epidemic.

Mental health has deteriorated.

Our brains like anything we've taught them can be untrained.

All it takes is commitment and courage to start.

Please book in for a complimentary session and we can start un-training that brain.

Simply create a new post now.

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