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Putting it 'out there' .

Three and a half years ago I changed my life.

It was the most impulsive thing I’d done.

My kids were older, I'd put myself on the back burner- it was time to think of me.

I'd always felt something was missing.

A niggling discontent and judgement that I’d done nothing worthy.

Looking back, this thinking seems so foreign now- I wasn't loving me. I spent a year busting my brain to come up with ideas.

None of them seemed quite right and I started judging me.

Maybe I’d left it too late... I probably wasn't good enough... and .. there's just nothing there for me.

Self criticism was easy and I became the victim of my life.

It was my sister who brought me back, “try not to hold on so tight,

be clear what you want, put it out there, it will all fall into place”.

I remember thinking how crazy- how could the universe help?

I’d totally misinterpreted what she’d tried to tell me.

When you believe you can create what you want, the world starts expanding.

Busting a gut, judgement and doubt were only closing me down.

Yelling at myself to take action was bordering on self abuse.

So I decided one day to let go of the reins and just put it ‘out there’.

I wanted to be my own boss, I wanted to be creative, I wanted to make money,

I wanted to help people, I wanted to be challenged and use my brain.

And only do it 3 days a week.

I kept dropping into what I wanted and the feelings this created.

Hope, excitement, determination and motivation.

And my world started opening up.

Things I hadn’t been able to see before, endless possibilities.

I stumbled on a podcast one day, all about life coaching.

I binge listened to every single one.

The universe is uncanny how it gives back, I’m now a Life and Weight Coach.

When you loosen the reins on how you think it should be,

and spend more time dreaming and believing,

you start living from the feelings of this person you want to be.

It's the energy you put out there is what brings it all flooding back in.

Many of us give up on our dreams, we even forget we ever had any.

It’s never too late to do anything you want. When you believe hard enough, you’ll create it.

We are here to evolve, we are hardwired to want more. Do you have a dream? ...lose weight...stop drinking...get fit and healthy...maybe a dream job like me?

Come and I’ll teach you how to create it,

and if you don’t know what it is let's chat and discover it together. The first step my friends is to just start ‘putting it out there’. All my love,

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