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Re-think and create amazing results.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Does your brain offer you opinions all day?

Don’t worry, it’s not who you are.

It’s just sentences in your brain, and you have thousands each day.

Words, ideas and concepts you've picked up along the way.

These thoughts create how you feel, and of course drive what you do.

So it's important to understand your thinking,

when your results aren't the ones you want.

“I deserve it."

“One more won’t hurt.”

“That looks delicious.”

These sentences create desire.

Tell yourself these things, you will always overeat.

“I can’t figure it out”

“I never stick to a plan”

“This is never going to work"

Believe these ones and you’ll quit.

Your brain will find a way to prove it true.

You think this is your brain and this is just how it is.

Which leaves you powerless.

But  these are only default thoughts and aren't even true.

They've just been in your brain unchecked for a very long time.

And left to its own devices, your brain only wants comfort and joy. The good news is, you have a higher brain you can use. 

It has the capacity to override, intervene and take back control. To recognise your thoughts as optional, and then re-decide what to think.

"I deserve to look after myself" "One more will hurt my relationship with me" "After the 3rd mouthful, it's actually not that nice." Practice thinking these thoughts and you'll never overeat. "I will always figure it out" "Sometimes I eat off plan, but that's ok, I'm learning what not to do" "This will always work because I will never give up" Practice thinking these ones and you'll never quit. To change a habit, all you need is the belief you can. Book in for your free consult and let's find the thoughts standing in your way.

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