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Shortcuts don't last...

Are you looking for the easiest and quickest solution to lose weight?

Where someone or something else just tells you what to do? Where you don’t have to plan what you’re going to eat,

or stick to it everyday...

where you don’t have to sit with uncomfortable urges to eat,

or evaluate what you were thinking. You want; lose it all now, 200 grams this week just doesn't cut it. and joy, isn't that what life's about?

You don't think life's worth living without pasta and cake.

You love, love, love food, how else do you relate?

You can't possibly say no, someone may get hurt. Creating new beliefs is so exhausting.

You want action, you want the how right now.

Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with you, you aren’t lazy or broken.

Your brain’s just not wired for hard work or discomfort.

You are a perfectly normal human being living in modern day. And what you're not seeing is that your brain's loving all this drama.

But notice, when your brain is desperate for a quick solution,

it goes straight for the diet, pill or shake.

It's hardwired to want the easier path…discomfort means possible death.

Internal work is way too hard and confronting.. ...haven't you heard, these shakes are great!! :):)

But you’re deluding yourself when you think these shortcuts will work.

Your brain is just pulling a ‘swifty’

If they did, you wouldn't still be overweight. Your life will only change when you stop believing in them. As all your energy is being drained.

You can override this illusion with the other part of your brain-

the part you’ve forgotten how to use.

Why not use your energy for long term change?

The only thing that gets it done is simple systems, hard work and discomfort.

Joy in the moment, leaves you dissatisfied and stuck.

Life is meant to have discomfort, you’re doing new things...there's nothing here that's life threatening.

So take your time, you’re training your primitive mind.

When you’re rushing, it will always takes so much longer.

Remember, each day is a step towards success.

Each success creates more confidence, which has a cumulative effect. What did you do today that is steering you towards your dreams? Reply directly, I'd love to know.

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