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Solution is in your head.

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? No idea what to eat and if you’re even hungry? Do you hate your body and punish it with radical diets, give up and eat even more?

The solution is not what you think.

Events happen out in the world. You have people and what they say and do to you. There's your body size and shape and what you are eating.

However, not one of your results is caused by any of them. Your results are created by the story you’re thinking about them in your head.

Most of you have followed a diet or exercise plan,

you know they don't work long term.

They are all just actions which never last because you’re

missing what's happening before.

The only reason you ever take action is because of what you were thinking and feeling. Without a thought or a feeling you wouldn’t bother to even get up.

So your feelings are where you need to focus, they are what ultimately drive change.

When you keep thinking and feeling exactly the same,

and focus just on what you are doing, this will keep you stuck in an exhausting loop.

Overeating is what you are doing,

of course it's because of a thought then a feeling.

To lose weight forever, your beliefs need to change.

It's only when you change how you think and talk to yourself, that you’ll create completely different emotions.

Remember that kindness, compassion, love and curiosity, rarely ever lead to overeating.

Come and join me and I’ll teach you how to change what's going on in your head.

To remain calm when things are happening in the world. To understand that other people have no power over how you feel. To love your body and re-set your relationship with food, and ultimately re-establish the connection with you.

If you want to stop obsessing about food and your weight, and live in a body you love, you will never find the solution when you're dieting, you have to dive into your brain instead.

Book in for a free consultation xx

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