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Something you can control.

Panic, anxiety, fear and confusion is everywhere.

Coronavirus has sent the world into chaos.

Who hasn’t witnessed stockpiling and frenzy in supermarket aisles??

Media is relaying bad news all day.

Most of us have never witnessed anything like this.

A gentle reminder to you all- these are facts, and they CAN’T make you feel terrible.

I know you want to argue with me but hear me out.

What’s happening out there is totally neutral, out of our hands.

Not good or bad or anything for that matter….

UNTIL you have a thought about it.

It's disappointing we can't control the world but you can control what you think.

Absolutely no upside to doomsday thoughts…or worry.

The reality of the world ending is extremely low.

Worry may seem useful, necessary to some but it is not serving you.

Worry drives you to the fridge.

Worry is your primitive brain, on high alert for danger,

the one that likes instant gratification. Wanting you to feel better right NOW.

Eating cannot fix COVID-19, but part of us thinks it can. We think a biscuit, chocolate or muffins will make us feel better. SIMPLY NOT TRUE.

This is the perfect time to step up for you- don't buy into the panic.

Use the part of your brain that has decided already what you want to eat.

Not that part of the brain telling you it doesn’t matter any more. I promise you, it will try everything! Be on the look out.

Think about future you. What can you do today, for her?

Give yourself this gift, it's your super power.

The only thing between you and permanent weight loss is a decision.

COVID-19 is out of your control but what you put into your body isn't.

I am giving 30 minute free coaching sessions for the next month on anything you need help with. If you've never experienced coaching before this is perfect- you've got nothing to lose. Just bring a problem and we'll sort it out together. Caroline xx


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