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Stockpiling could explain your overeating...

Did you panic in the toilet paper aisle? Stockpile tins of tomatoes, pasta and flour? Are you overeating? You could be in a scarcity mindset. Scarcity, a feeling that empty shelves cannot create. It’s what you tell yourself those empty shelves mean. This is so good to know. Just a bunch of thoughts keeping you at your current weight. I was a stockpiler, afraid of running out. I look at those empty shelves now and feel amused. Toilet paper wasn’t even a thing 120 years ago. Worst case scenario, newspaper! It’s never the quantity of something that causes you to feel a thing. It’s your brain telling you that it’s a problem. Your underlying thought, “there might not be enough”,  creating the feeling of scarcity. Driving you to stockpile or overeat.

Do you panic when you think you mightn’t have enough? Eat everything on your plate- you mightn’t get enough or you hate waste? Do you eat afternoon tea worried you might get hungry before dinner? This is scarcity- triggering the brains' survival mode. Eating and buying things you don’t need. Giving the power to the food. Never owning that you’re in charge.

What if you practiced thoughts of abundance instead? “There will always be enough.” or "I have plenty". Dropping the brain out of panic, giving it space to solve (which it loves).

Keep asking it questions. What could you do instead? What would happen if you had no pasta, flour, tomatoes or toilet paper? What if none of it was a problem?

And of course, you realise that it’s not…

Book in now and let’s create an abundant mindset.

You only need to change one thought.

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