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Emotions are Signaling what's going on.

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The real impact of emotional eating,

is that it’s taking you away from the true experience of your life.

So when you stop eating, it’s never depriving yourself,

it’s gifting you back your life.

At the core of human conditioning, is the belief you have to be happy.

So when you're not, alarm bells start ringing.

Eating to avoid your emotions, is shunning what’s coming up for you in your life.

You start disconnecting your brain from your body.

A perfect way of disallowing what’s there.

Eating dampens the ringing and offers relief.

Re-aligning you with feeling good.

But repeated over time, you lose the skill of listening to what's innate.

You continue to eat, as you have no idea if you’re hungry or full.

The good news is your body knows what to do, it's part of your human design.

The tools are inside you to create balance.

Emotional eating has just flipped the scales.

NO diet will solve this- restriction can't solve what lies beneath.

The only way to lose weight is to understand what’s going on.

An emotion is your body signalling that something’s up.

You have to learn to feel your life without answering it with food.

Emotions weren’t created just to make us feel good.

There’s no way you’d know how to feel good without bad.

This contrast of feelings is how you experience the ups and downs in your life.

If you eat to avoid them, you’ll keep disconnecting from who you are.

Your ability to feel sad, anger and grief is what makes you human.

Every single emotion is part of your human life.

When you don’t answer the feeling with food, your life is there to see.

Your emotions aren't scary or bad, just the other part of life.

Be curious and invite them in and breathe deep, they’re here for a reason.

If you allow them, they’ll teach you so much about you.

When the focus of your life isn't about food, your brain opens up some space.

Your brain and body start re-connecting, and what's true for you shows up.

You have the time and space to understand what's going on.

Then evaluate and solve for it from love.

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