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Think about your body differently and lose weight forever.

Why are we so critical of our bodies?

Not only have we become obsessed with food, we have

become obsessed withhaving the perfect body.

We believe, mostly through social media, advertising and conditioning

that the perfect female form is skinny, tall, long legs, flawless skin,

pouting lips and thick glossy hair.

Only very few humans possess bodies like these.

We think if we could just have these skinnier bodies we'd be happy and

life would be perfect.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if this was the case all skinny people would

be happy and their lives perfect....

and we know that's not true.

Most of them are just as miserable- the funny thing is some of

them are not happy because they're too skinny or starving themselves.

Who doesn't matter,

but when we lose weight because we think a skinnier body

will make us happy, we've got it all wrong.

We are blaming our body size for our happiness.

Happiness is a feeling and all feelings start with a thought.

Whether we're skinny or fat is irrelevant.

It is how we think about our size that's causing us to feel the way we do.

This is actually good news.

Contrary to popular belief we get to chose what we want to think.

What if we thought about our bodies as a gift?

It was created for us.

To live and breathe.

To allow us to have this human experience.

We had nothing to do with it.

It is just bones, muscles, tissue and organs.

It keeps us alive without our help.

It knows what to do when we're sick.

For lots of us it has produced children.

It is continually breaking down and dealing with all the

bad foods and toxins we stuff into it.

It works so hard for us.

Yet we talk about it so meanly.

If we hate our bodies we don't look after them.

We try and lose weight from a place of self abuse.

We think if we loathe it enough, we will be forced to lose weight.

The opposite it true.

When we hate something we don't nurture or treat it with respect.

Any weight lost from this place will always come back.

We need to start loving our bodies.

How about starting to love it for all it does.

For most of us that have never accepted our bodies this is hard work to do.

Some tips to get started on you;

Find 3 things to love about your body.

Look in the mirror just focus on these.

Think how beautiful they are.

Now remind yourself of all the amazing things your body has done for you.

Being grateful is so important.

Practice coming back into your body and feel from within.

No judgement, just curiosity.

All parts of your body are just that, body parts.

What if you could just see them as that?

How much relief would you feel?

Think about what you do when you love something.

You nurture it, you stand up for it and you treat it with respect.

Your food choices are considered and you would never dream of

constantly stuffing your body with unhealthy foods.

You exercise to keep it fit and strong.

And you STOP talking and thinking about it meanly.

This is the only way you will lose weight forever.

Make a promise to yourself to never beat your body up again.

Your relationship with your body will determine how you look after it.

You are together in this for a long time.

Work with it not against it.

It is 100% worthy of your love.

Book in for. a complimentary mini session and we can get you started.

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